Since 2000, Leymas began reconditioning of Nippon Pillar mechanical seals (also ether brand) with ISO 9002:1994... >>
COOK COMPRESSION is new company in Dover group. COOK COMPRESSION is a single source products & service ... >>
Callidus Technologies, now a Honeywell company, is one of the leaders in burner & flare for downstream & upstream industries... >>

•  Jan 2006, Compressor Valve Engineering (CVE) was acquired by Cook Manley, USA . With this acquisition, both companies will have mutual benefits. Cook Manley will be able to offer conventional metallic or plastic plate compressor valve to their customers while CVE will be able to offer Manley valves for special applications.

Apart from that, C Lee Cook , well-known packing & rings manufacturer for piston compressor could also team up with both CVE and Cook Manley to offer a complete package or one-shop service to present and potential customers worldwide.

Both parties believe this synergy will increase their roles in piston compressor market. Both Cook Manley and C Lee Cook are companies in of Dover group.

•  2006, Nippon Pillar celebrated 20 years of mechanical seal of continuous supply & service to PTT Gas Separation # 1 in Mab Ta Phud, Rayong while PTT Gas Separation # 2 also uses Nippon Pillar mechanical seals continuously for 18 years.

Also, Nippon Pillar mechanical seals are being used in Thai Plastic & Chemicals Plc (TPC) for 16 years and still serving with reliability.

•  SIAD Machine Impianti Spa got blanket contract order to supply SIAD piston compressor to two of the largest PET Blower packagers in the world for more than 100 high pressure PET blower compressors during last few years.