Since 2000, Leymas began reconditioning of Nippon Pillar mechanical seals (also ether brand) with ISO 9002:1994... >>
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Nippon Pillar

Since 2003, Leymas began reconditioning of Nippon Pillar mechanical seals (also ether brand) with ISO 9001 until now which our quality system is approved by SGS UKAS / NAC to ISO 9001:2008. Within 2010, our workshop will have few new lapping machines & UV cleaning system to serve you better and quicker.

Nippon Pillar company has created and produced its unique technology and numerous excellent products, always getting one step ahead of our competitors and taking the initiative, as a "leak stopping" - sealing maker for mechanical seals, packings and gaskets or the like since the Company was established in 1924.

At present, in 80 years after its foundation, our company is also challenging to a new field on the basis of our highly sophisticated engineering power and most advanced material development force


Gland Packing.

This mechanical seal is adopted as a seal for rotation axis in a wide range of fields, including petroleum refining, petrochemistry, vessel and food as well as the nuclear power plant due to highly sophisticated engineering power and abundant experiences.


Since Nippon Pillar marketed "Pillar Packing No.1" from which the company name was derived in 1924, they have been sending out different types of high-quality, highly reliable products, based on our outstanding sealing technology.



(Non Asbestos Gasket)

This type of gasket is employed widely in not only nuclear power plant but also petroleum refining and petrochemical fields by virtue of exact engineering power and reliability.