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Siad Compressor

Compressor configuration

Balanced, opposed

2 C .R. horizontal

Balanced, opposed

4 C .R. horizontal

HPX model

Max 1000 kW - Max rod loading : 115.000 N

2 to 4 connecting rods

HD model

Max 1 500 kW - Max rod loading : 207.000 N

2 to 4 connecting rods

Compressed gas :

All gases

Gas inlet dew point : Bone dry Nitrogen

Gas inlet temperature : successful experience up to -150?C

( -238?F )

Specialisation in oil free

Number of stages : up to 6

Outlet pressure :

- 100 bar (1450 psi) in oil free application

- 200 bar (2900 psi) with mini lubrication and PTFE type rings

- 350 bar (5000 psi) with full lubrication and metal rings

Minimum pressure ratio : around 1.2

Typical cross-section



Specific design of TWIN BEARING at flywheel



•  limits the crankshaft


•  avoid high stress on

bearings and crankshaft

Piston and Piston rod

Designed for optimum balancing of rod load.

Piston materials adapted to gas composition. Piston rod special treatments/coatings possible :

* Plasma and detonation techniques.

* Induction hardening


Piston rod

Hydraulic tightening on

crosshead for medium and

high power

Piston rod packings

Multipieces rings in individual casings. Floating elements are metallic

(lubricated) or PTFE (oil free or mini lub). Automatic compensation

of wear clearance. Possible venting buffer gas (N2), lubrication and

direct cooling.


SIAD Macchine Impianti is extremely strict

in selecting automatic valves a/c to the

process (valve dampening, gas speed,

power losses, materials).

The valve assembly is designed to make

impossible any inversion between the inlet

and the outlet.

Direct or reverse unloaders

Distance piece

Our process compressors are

designed to avoid

impossible any introduction

of oil into the cylinders and

gas into the crankcase


Crosshead moves in a lubricated guide that can be easily


For medium and high power, it is fitted through removable shoes

Capacity control

1. Stepped control by suction valve unloading piloted by the

outlet pressure

2. Progressive capacity control (action on inlet valves)

3. By-pass capacity control

4. Additional clearance pocket

5. Capacity control by additional clearance pocket

* manual * automatic

- local control - remote control

Oil circuit-frame oil lube system

- Main oil pump driven by crankshaft

- Prelube pump for starting and stand by

- Design conform to API 618